♥Kangin is the 5th eldest member of the group called, SUPER JUNIOR and is considered as the “strongest” among all 13 boys in the group. While Sungmin is the 7th eldest, but still considered as the “cutest” member. Even though, there’s a huge difference in their personality, when these two guys joins together, they really do create a “good couple”

♥Kangin loves Sungmin so much that he always protects him and he’s one of the members w/c Kangin didn’t bully that much (not that he hates the other members) one great example is when they were having the SJ show at about episode 18, The members woke Kangin up. and kangin went like crazy but he didn’t even bother saying something to Sungmin.

♥Here’s a fancam. it shows how loveable Kangmin could be: (kangin-sshi, never removed his hug on him)
2007 Asian song Festival

♥Fancam again on Mnet countdown (they’re so sweet! hugging and pinching)
Mnet Countdown

♥A kangMin video again ( kangin fixing sungmin’s hair at first is really sweet! they always whisper at each other, “lika a couple-whisper”..
KangMin LOVE

♥and here comes the SAUSAGE KISS:
Sausage kiss

♥Kangin is Jealous of KyuHyun!!!!
jealous kangin


*KangMin may not have enough appearance nowadays, because of the KangTeuk love. however, we may never see how much they truly care for each other, they were still the Kangin and Sungmin that we knew before, so they would always be the KANGMIN in our hearts..

*they do love each other, not just as friends but as a BROTHER or a family.. :) 

Credit : icaheechul@soompi

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